My name is Valentina Staldi and I am the founder of Nina Staudinger 1887.

Nina Staudinger was my grand grandmother, an outstanding woman and an inspiration to me for her great passion for collecting charming objects, such as jewels, gemstones, beads.
I inherited her love for beauty and history, and for gathering anything miniature, precious or mesmerizing so that this passion became my inspiration, and my inspiration became my work.
From my inspired ancestor came to me the idea of appreciating this ephemera by a new unexpected interpretation, delightfully juxtaposing materials.

I share my love for findings and the taste to match them with my talented and experienced partner and friend Barbara Dal Corso.
Barbara is an antique lover and avid collector, scouting around flea markets with the rare gift, like a diviner, of being magnetically attracted by tiny things that catch her eye, objects that you or I would overlook, like a magpie Barbara has hoarded an incredible collection of beautiful shiny objects.

Nina Staudinger 1887 presents a limited collection of unique little precious, delicately set by hand, destined to tell a new tale in their renewed original form.

The items of the collection are assembled using antiques as well as more recent elements mixing them to create new glamorous ornaments. Funny and poetic at the same time, highlighting the patina of the old worn jewels, each item re-createing a little unique world in which eras crash and melt into each other.


Uniqueness: every piece is definitely one of a kind, outstanding, not repeatable. One-off bespoke designs, often featuring extra special capsule collections, that are not repeated.

Asimmetry: inspiration leads us when possible no two items are the same.

Originality: our singular style lies in miscellaneous arrangements, hotchpotch of secondhand pieces.
By recycling our or your discarded, rejected jewels we hope to succeed in creating a new modern high-class but affordable jewelry.

Love of antithesis and antonyms all at once vintage and contemporary, precious and non-precious, rough and luxurious, junk and treasure… this is the best description of Nina’s soul itself.
Each piece comes out from a relentless search, it is carefully choreographed. The little precious objects are arranged and placed together until they find the ultimate perfect balanced relationship and they are able to tell the story to you. 
It’s an evocative, tiny world of possibilities that we create within our pieces, that’s so alluring… you may be drawn to a particular precious gemstone, to the symbolism of a bee, a flower, a clover-leaf, a tiny piece of coral, the delicacy of faceted glass or perhaps a simple button. Nina may be telling their story, but the true story begins when the jewellery ends up with the wearer, and you create your own story and interpretation into the heirloom.
We enjoy being commissioned, should you have anything in mind, or missed out on a piece before and would like to work together to make something similar, we are always happy to discuss creating a piece, just for you. 

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